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Hi everyone.this site is only about hamsters. Well if your wondering how do I take care of a hamster? Well you've came to the right place. This site how lot's of stuff to take take of your hamster. Including the history, info and Anatomy about them!

Well first off all that hamster picture I have there is my hamster, Clover. I got her on March 17,2005. The Last four months have been great. She's not sick, doesn't have a disease, and in perfect condition! (She's have a habit of biting the towel i cover on her cage.) She doesn't want me to tell everybody that cause she'll get mad. Trust me you don't want her to get mad. oh and I forgot to tell you my beloved best friends hamster died! On April 23, 2005. I hope Guss is doing good on hammy heaven! Wouldn't want him in Hammy Hell! If there is such thing! Well, Welcome to my site! HOpe you Enjoy it! 

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