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Here is some information for the right homes For Hamsters!

The best home for your hamster is a cage with bars or a fish tank.Your hamster will get bored if you don`t get it a wheel as they will thoughly enjoy one.Its also good if you give them a piece of wood to knaw on and maybe some toilet roll tubes to go in and out of.The bottom of your hamsters cage is best to have something covering it for example you could use sawdust or maybe even very fine sand but it is proberly best just to use sawdust.The floor covering would be good if your hamster could burrow into it but this does not matter that much.

You have to get your hamster(s) a sleeping house which you will get at a pet shop.In your sleeping house you can put some hamster bedding or you could put a bit more sawdust in to it to fill the sleeping house up.You will need to buy the right size food bowl and drinking bottle to suit your hamster.Once you get a hamster you will need to clean out its cage each week.If you want the cleaning to be a bit easier you could place a jam jar in your hamster(s) cage and gradully they will use as a toilet . If you follow these instructions your hamster will hopefully have a perfect home.

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