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Unlike many animals, hamsters don't immediately eat any food they find. Instead it fills its cheeckpouches and carries the food home, then stores it in its nest. This hoarding habit makes it easy for your family to go away for several days. Just leave that much food in the cage, and plenty of fresh water. And an apple, carrot, or something else that doesn't spoil easily, for juicy snacks.

     But if you're going away for a longer vacation, you could leave your hamster at a friend or relative, or maybe a pet dealer. The hamster should stay in its normal cage, and then it will feel much safer with strangers. Don't forget to take plenty of your hamster's food and bedding. Tell your friend what foods to give your hamster, whether to be allowed to run free in a room now and then, and other such information.

When not to let someone else take care of your hammy: Pregnant or nursing hamsters should always be looked after by a person they trust. If they are in too much stress, they may eat the babies or stop nursing.

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