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Do you need some stuff for your hamster! Well just read these! And Decide to buy them!

1.  Cage. This should be made of metal or glass, since a hamster can chew itself out of a wooden or plastic one. The cage should also be well ventilated. With metal cages, no problem. With glass ones, it should be as big as possible, with a screen cover.

Pine shavings are best--you can find this in every pet store--, but I've heard of wood chips, coarse sawdust, cat litter, cocoa bean hulls, dried corncob pellets, and dried grass or hay. Cedar shavings are not good, since it has a strong smell that can cause irritation in your hammy's nose and throat..

Water bottle. The waterer is simply a container hanging upside-down with a metal tube on the bottom, sealed by a metal ball, which your hammy pushes up with its teeth or tongue. Desert animals like hamsters need only a small amount of water, but your hammy will be eating mostly dry food, so give it plenty of fresh water every day.

4.  Hamster wheel. To keep your hammy in shape. But hamsters can become addicted, so have plenty other toys as well. If it squeaks, put a drop of oil at each axle. Transparent hamster balls are good, too, for running around in the house.

These can be as simple as an empty tissue box, a tube, a coffee can, or a pile of interesting branches. But rotate them every day, so your hamster won't get bored.

Food. See info --> What to feed your hamster with

Lots of love and care!

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