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Here's a place where you know what to feed your hamster and what not to feed your hamster

1.  Seed mix. You can buy seed mixes in pet stores, in packages or in bulk. Some have green pellets in them--those are fine. (But I don't like those big brightly colored pellets. They have food coloring in them, which causes cancer. This goes for food coloring in human foods, too!!!!!)

Fruits and vegetables.
Lettuce, cabbage, carrot, celery, potato, apple, peach, pear, tomato, grapes, strawberries, and much, much more... anything you can think of...

Other greens.
Dandelion leaves, plantain, sheperd's purse, clover, chckweed, alfalfa, meadow grass, cow parsnip. Don't pick greens from near roads or where there could be dog or cat poop! What out for poisonous plants, too.

Nuts, grains, seeds.
Walnut, almond, pecan, peanut (no salt, please), wheat, oats, corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rolled oats... The nuts count as goodies! Also try putting in a whole dry cob of corn--good for wearing down those ever-growing teeth, too.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, mealworms and crickets (found in pet stores), dog biscuits, branches from fruit trees, maples, willows, or hazelnut bushes (for gnawing). Watch out for fruit trees that have been sprayed with pesticides!

DO NOT give your hamster: green tomatoes, green parts of potatoes, sprouting parts of potatoes, raw beans, fool's parsley, poison hemlock, laburnum, canned or frozen vegetables, citrus fruits (ex. lemon, orange), human goodies like chips, candy, chocolate.

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