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Need help? Your hamster keeps on jumping out of your hands? You've came to the right place!

1.  When your hamster first arrives, leave your hamster alone for a few days, and do not try to pick it up and play with it at once. It's probably really scared when it gets into a completely new home. Talk to your hammy and let it get used to you.

2.  A good seed mix usually has a few sunflower seeds per spoonfull. From now on take them out, and offer them to your hamster from your hand. Do this every day until the hamster gladly takes the seed from your hand. It will soon learn that you usually bring a goody.

3.  Hold a walut between your fingers. But when your hamster comes to get it, don't let go. Your hamster will have to stay by your hand if it wants to munch on the nut. While it's eating, you can pet your hamster. Don't reach from behind, or it will frighten the hamster that is not quite tame yet.

4.  When your hamster has gotten used to you, you can try picking it up.  But, do not pick up the hamster by the scruff of the neck! At first you can try the container-method (see below).

Ways to pick up a hamster:
* Cover your hamster with your hands from the top with your thumbs touching. Then, take your thumbs apart while bringing your little fingers together, under the hamster, so that your hands form a cup.

*  Lay one hand flat on the ground while holding the hamster with your other hand from the top. Your hands should form a sort of a tunnel.

*  The easiest way is to put a container in, and when the hamster crawls in, you can just pick up the container.

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