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If you need some hamsters info you've came to the right place!

NOTE: Everything I write here refers to the golden hamster, or Syrian hamster. I don't know much about dwarf hamsters.
     Hamsters are small, gentle, clean animals with big black eyes and soft coats. And they are also the most adorable pets you will ever see!
     Hamsters are mammals: they're warm-blooded, grow hair, and feed their young, called puppies, with milk. Hamsters are rodents, and their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. They're also nocturnal, which means most active at night. Golden hamsters are solitary animals, so only on hammy should be in a cage, otherwise they'll fight and can hurt each other seriously.

Golden hamster
Scientific name:     Mesocricetus auratus
Avg. lifespan:    
  2 to 4 years
   6 to 8 in. long
3 to 5 ounces

Fun Facts

  • In the wild, a hamster might run up to five miles for food in one night!
  • Hamsters have huge cheek pouches, in which they can carry food, as much as half of their own weight!
  • The word hamster comes from the German word hamstern, which means "to hoard".
  • In the wild, hamsters might dig tunnels 11 yards long, and they can close a tunnel by pulling a stone over the hole.
  • It is believed that all of today's pet golden hamsters come from three hamsters found in 1930, by Prof. I. Aharoni in a desert in Syria: a male and two females.
  • Hamsters can become so addicted to the hamster wheel, that taking it away can result in the hamster becoming aggressive or depressed (so always play with your hamster often and give him/her plenty of toys to play with!).

     Other than seeds, veggies, and fruit, hamsters will also eat yogurt and crickets! Only clean crickets please, not from the street, for example.

I hope all the information helps you! If not then you could go on the other pages!